Bring on the Appchain Future

Societal is an application-specific blockchain, designed for the creation and management of on-chain communities.

Code is law

Who said decisions need to be voted on off-chain? Societal removes the need to blindly trust those in power to do the right thing - we’re bringing community governance systems to the blockchain.

Cross-Chain by Default

On-chain communities shouldn’t be siloed. Societal unlocks trustless access to the best DeFi, privacy, and social cryptographic primitives via secure cross-chain communication.

Gas-Free Transactions

Societal is an on-chain productivity platform paid for by community treasuries. All participant transactions are gas free - no more voter apathy.

Streamlined Experiences

On-chain community members shouldn’t have to switch through countless organizational tools to get involved. Societal is the one-stop shop to bring your group to the next level.

Societal’s composable and customizable solution is the ideal fit for all on-chain communities: the creator economy, protocols, social clubs, gaming, DAOs, and more.